Meet our new hire — Jules Guesnon, Full Stack Developer

#12 — This is the twelfth post in our “Meet our new hire” series, where we introduce you to the latest additions to our team here at Blank Wallet. It’s important for us to keep you updated with what’s going on behind the scenes and let you know who we are.

It’s time to introduce our latest hire, Jules Guesnon! He’s joined the Blank Wallet team as a full-stack developer. Jules will be using his coding skills to work on both frontend and backend development. With a passion for coding and years of experience, he’ll be a great addition to our team!

Read more to find out about Jules, his position at Blank Wallet, and his thoughts on cryptocurrency.

What’s your job position?

I’m a full-stack developer. At the moment, I’m primarily working on the wallet’s UI, but I’ve also had a few opportunities to work on the back-end side. I’m currently working with Typescript, one of the most popular languages to make web apps. It’s used all over the code base, so it’s an excellent way to maintain consistency. In general, I’m looking forward to getting as many chances as possible to showcase my skills, front-end or back-end.

How long have you worked as a developer?

I’ve got a long history with coding, and I’d call it a love story. As a child, I enjoyed learning about different types of technology, which eventually led me to discover programming. From that moment on, I always wanted to be a developer. I started my career with internships and then went freelance around four years ago. I’m glad that this journey has made me a part of the Blank Wallet team, and I am excited about the future.

Which projects have you worked on before?

My first ever job was an internship at a smaller company called Wino. I liked working there because the company had some interesting opinions on technology, such as working with ReScript or ReasonML. I’ve also worked as a freelancer and built a handful of websites, mobile apps, and even a few games. My last position before joining the Blank Wallet team was at La Société Générale, which is a relatively well known French investment banking company. I learned a lot there and can genuinely say that it was a valuable experience, but I’m looking forward to working at a smaller company in a tight-knit team and having a more significant impact.

When did you first get involved in crypto?

It was very recent. I got involved with crypto earlier this year in around February. Like most people, I came looking for the next bitcoin and became interested in the Elrond blockchain. After a few months, I started becoming more interested in the technology behind blockchain and saw its potential. I learned about smart contracts, PoW and PoS and started thinking about what I could do in the crypto space with my coding skills.

What do you like the most about crypto?

What I like about crypto is that it has brought the concept of decentralization back into the spotlight. The internet has its origins in decentralization, yet as time has passed, we’ve seen large tech monopolies try to centralize it and increase their control. In a way, crypto is putting power back into the hands of users and taking it away from large centralized entities. I think this can only be a positive thing for the internet and even society as a whole.

What made you interested in Blank Wallet?

The main thing that interested me was the product itself. It’s a wallet, which is fundamental to a user’s experience on the blockchain. Without it, it would be impossible to make transactions or access DApps. So by working on Blank Wallet, I can give users the opportunity to interact with this world easily. It’s a dream come true for developers to build something that so many people will interact with positively.

Why do you think privacy matters on blockchains?

Edward Snowden’s famous quote sums up my thoughts on privacy: “arguing that you don’t care about the right to privacy because you have nothing to hide is no different than saying you don’t care about free speech because you have nothing to say.” This applies to all facets of life, and blockchain is no exception. Everyone has the right to privacy, and solutions like Blank Wallet are an essential part of protecting that right.

Do you have any predictions on where crypto will be 5 years from now?

I have no concrete predictions, but I have one major expectation. Right now, crypto is somewhat of an abstract niche. There are many exciting projects in the space, but we need to make it more appealing to the masses, and I expect that this will happen slowly. For example, the average person doesn’t understand how their smartphone works, and they don’t need to either. They only understand what they can do with it and how it benefits them. Once we have the same in crypto, we’ll see mass-scale adoption, which can only be good for the future.

Parting thoughts

I’m excited to be on the team and can’t wait for the upcoming release! It’s great to believe in the product you’re working on, and I feel that way with Blank Wallet. The future is looking good.

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